Ashford Town Score a Handful

Fleet Town suffered their heaviest ever defeat in all these years at step 4, (possibly the heaviest in their entire history, but club records are incomplete back in the dim and distant past) when they shipped TEN goals without reply up at Ashford. The less said about the evening the better, a couple of individual errors that led to first half goals, a moment of maadness for an early Red Card, an unfortunate Penalty given against us, then when a good chance comes Patrik Ruzicka sees his effort hit the underside of the bar and come out. It was good to see Ross Cook get some minutes in a Fleet shirt, after his long injury layoff and slow recovery and a debut as sub, for another new boy, Liam Flanagan.

For the record Ashford spread the goals around, evenly spread five in each half, their scorers were Alex Fisher, James Cottee (3), Max Webb, Daniel Fleming (2), Tommy Brunton, Jack Beadle and Jabir Laraba.


Fleet Town : 1 Liam Beach, 2 James Smith, 3 James Howarth, 4 Lea Van Sullivan, 5 Ashley Lloyd, 6 Bobby Dormer, 7 Billy Oram, 8 Josh Baines, 9 Patrik Ruzicka, 10 Oliver Bennett, 11 Danilo Cadete.

subs 12 Ross Cook (on for Cadete half time), 15 Liam Flanagan (on for Domer half time), 16 Ross Ewan (on for Bennett 65 mins)

not used 14 Christopher Wales, 17 Sam Pekun