Badshot Lea 3 Fleet Town 0

A patched up Fleet side turned up at Badshot Lea for the quarter-final of the Smith-Fripp Trophy, with at least 6 first team players missing this was always going to a tough game. The strong wind and heavy rain really did not help the build up to the game.

The game started with Badshot Lea in control of the ball and moving it around quite well. There were a couple of early scares for the Fleet defence but they started to play their way into the game and Leo Decabo had a couple of good efforts from distance, one of which the goalkeeper saved well. In the end Badshot Lea took the lead with a close range finish after a slick passing move. Half-time 1-0

With the wind continuing to howl in the second half both teams tried to keep the ball on the ground to nullify its impact. Unfortunately for Fleet ex-player Jack Selby hit a 20 yarder that Harry Nash couldn’t save to extend Badshot Lea’s lead. As much as Fleet tried they couldn’t really make headway against an organised Badshot Lea defence. Badshot Lea had the chance to extend their lead from the penalty spot but Harry Nash saved well. A third goal was added by Badshot Lea to complete this stop start season for Fleet. Full-time 3-0

Fleet: 1. Harry Nash, 2. Angus Youngson, 3. Charlie Graves, 4. Steve Lee, 5. Elliott Povey, 6. Dan Dansie, 7. Kieran Nagle-Kelly, 8. Jack Howard, 9. Dan Bone, 10. Jake Hammond, 11. Leo Decabo

Subs: 12. Yassa Arafat (5), 14. Dan Framp (2), 15. Matty Pearse (3), 16. Khalid Babikir (7), 17. Faheed Hakem-Habeeb (2)


Man of Match:  Khalid Babikir

Attendance: 0