Barton win the battle of 21st v 20th

Barton Rovers sneaked the narrowest victory to close in on Fleet Town in the league table. With two out of form teams playing each other, it was never going to be a classic. There were chances and good play from both sides from the start, with Danilo Cadete in the midst of the early chances for Fleet, winning balls up and down the right wing, but the crosses not getting the desird result, then when he took the ball in to the box himself, Danilo was looking to pass rather than take a shot when there was an opening for him. The game was still poised at 0-0 at half time, which is all the match deserved. The game’s only goal came very early in the second half, Andrew Philips had set up the attack for Barton, a ball across was played back into the middle and the only time Fleet could not get the ball away quickly, a couple of attempted clearances failed to leave the box finding Barton players to keep the pressure on, then an attempted clearnce fell for Michael Gyasi to rifle home for what turned out to be the only goal. Barton Keeper Finlay was in the right place, when a ball across found Graeme Purdy in the clear on the far post, with Finlay in close attention the keeper did enough to effect the save. Fleet kept looking for a way back, but the best chances only came in the final minutes, Michael Phillip-Ogbuogu had a header saved, when Callum Abraham-Barlow let fly from the left hand side of the box, his shot curling in towards the far post, brought a fine save from Finlay as he dived full stretch to push the ball wide. Well into added time, it was Callum again setting up a final chance from a free kick, somehow a Barton touch sent the ball behind, but the final whistle blew before the corner was given.

Fleet Town : 1 Liam Beach, 2 Billy Stratford, 3 Callum Abraham-Barlow, 4 Jordan Aghatise, 5 Owen Roberts, 6 Hamid Kanu, 7 James Haworth, 8 Billy Oram, 9 Graeme Purdy, 10 Bradley Wilson, 11 Danilo Cadete.

subs : 12 Michael Phillip-Ogbuogu (on for Cadete 56 mins), 14 Ross Ewen (on for Oram 61 mins), 15 Conrad Lucan (on for Haworth 70 mins).