Welcome to the 2019/20 season. After a difficult 2018/19 season, with many issues already known to fans, which I won’t go over again we ultimately ended up being relegated from the Southern League South Division our first return to Step 5 football for 17 years. This is a record we should be proud of, yes there were a number of reprieves but we battled hard to stay at Step 4 for as long as we could. Last year saw us start to build a young team within the constraints of our budget and there were some excellent performances through the year and some good young players found.

What are we looking for from 2019/20? Well after the number of managers and chair people/committee, some level of stability is most certainly something that we are looking for. We are happy to have Dave Kelly and his coaching team continue on for another year. Dave worked hard last year to develop the team as much as possible and has put together a young and exciting team that we hope will give us some stability in league position as well.

As we all know a football club is not just about the first team on the pitch and we have worked hard to further links with the Under 18 youth team, Fleet Colts, Ladies team, Ladies Under 18’s and girls teams. So please go and support these teams if you are free and looking for a football fix. The ladies play at Calthorpe Park on Sunday afternoons and games are free and are very entertaining to watch.

As well as putting a team together on a budget you will hopefully be able to see the work that has been carried out on the infrastructure of Calthorpe Park over the summer. The pitch has had some serious work carried out on it for the first time in years, the clubhouse has been completely re-decorated and the home dressing rooms have been gutted and rebuilt internally. We are hoping that these improvements will be to the benefit of both supporters and players alike. This is not to say that the improvements are complete and we have a number of other areas that we aim to improve as the season goes on. Many of the companies that have helped during the summer have banners around the ground so if you can support their business’ then that would show that there support of us is well worthwhile.

Volunteers are the life blood of any non-league football club and if there is anyone out there who would like to volunteer on a match day we are always on the look out for people to help us improve our match day experience. If you are interested then please contact secretary@fleettownfc.co.uk

Enjoy the season ahead and hopefully we can stabilise, have some good cup runs and you never know where we might be come the end of the season.