Clubhouse Update

In light of the recent Covid 19 Updates from the government there are further instructions that we need to make you aware of in the Fleet Town clubhouse:

  • The club will have covid QR code posters for you to scan (you will need the NHS app) if you don’t want to have the app we will have the normal track and trace sheets out as well.
  • Face masks must be worn at all time in the clubhouse and can only be removed when you are seated at a table drinking or eating
  • There will be no seating at the bar or queueing to buy drinks
  • If you turn left on entering the clubhouse to buy a drink please make your way to a table and table service will be arranged
  • If all tables are full you will need to buy drinks and take them outside of the clubhouse to the tables that are there
  • The opportunity will exist to pre-order drinks for half-time and then take them to your table during half-time.
  • During half-time you will have the opportunity to pre-order drinks for after the game and then pick them up post game to take them to your table
  • Post game there will be fewer tables in the clubhouse available for supporters (there needs to be tables for the home team, away team and match officials). If there are no tables free after the game and you want a drink, you will need to take it to the tables outside
  • Tables must be in bubbles of 6 and you need to continue to socially distance in the clubhouse and ground