FA Change End of Season Rules

During February the FA changed the end of season date for step 5 & 6 leagues. They now require all the leagues at Step 5 where Fleet play, to finish their playing season no later than 23rd April, to allow for the inter step playoff games between a lowly placed step 4 side and second place step 5 clubs to be played on Saturday 30/04.  They would like step 6 leagues completed 23rd but will allow them to complete 30/04, but only if the play off games can be completed on or before Sunday 8th May. This means that the Combined Counties League are moving several games so that our game away to Jersey can be brought forward to be played earlier than the planned date of 30th April. In the event of bad weather through March or April which stops games being played by the cut off dates, they will be deemed cancelled and left unplayed.