Fleet Town 0 Portland United 3

In a game that perfectly summed up the annoyance of football Fleet dominated much of the game but ended up losing 0-3…After the loss of Bradley Wilson during the week Fleet re-organised and move James Smith to right wing a position he played with great success in our earlier game at Tadley Calleva.

Fleet started the game at a good pace, something that had been missing in previous games, putting Portland under pressure and moving the ball about well. A number of chances were made by Fleet but a mixture of poor finishing and good defending allowed Portland to escape unscathed. As the half progressed and Fleet looked for their well deserved goal a Portland break brought disaster. A cross from the left was expertly sliced into the top corner of his own goal by Fleet centre back Bradley Passfield. You really couldn’t write it. Half-time 0-1

The second half started with Portland trying to get on top but Fleet repelled their attacks and got on top again. Although all the possession was being easily snubbed out by the Portland defence and Fleet seemed to lack bodies in the penalty box. Another break by Portland led to their second again down the left wing, this time Aiden Upward made a good save but the ball rolled to a Portland player 5 yards out who side-footed the ball into an empty net. Portland scored a 3rd goal in the last quarter of the game when their player waltzed through the Fleet defence well and finished well. To complete the day for Fleet Durrell Brown was sin-binned in the last 5 minutes. Sooner or later we will get the real results that out play deserves, until we just have to keep the faith.

Fleet: 1. Aiden Upward, 2. Cavan Atkinson, 3. Tom Wensley, 4. Jack Howard, 5. Durrell Brown, 6. Bradley Passfield, 7. James Smith, 8. Jack Selby, 9. Paul Coventry, 10. Billy Oram, 11. Aaron Redford

Subs: 12. Matthew Pearse, 14. Jake Hammond (2), 15. Archie Carey, 16. Jon May (4), 17. Tom Williams (10)


Man of Match: Tom Wensley

Attendance: 150

Fleet’s next game of the season is Tuesday 19th November when we play host to Amesbury Town at Calthorpe Park in the Sydenhams Wessex League. Kick Off is 7.45pm