Fleet Town 1 Barton Rovers 0

Fleet Town completed their best week of the season so far, with this hard fought and narrow victory over Barton Rovers, which lifted them up the table above today’s visitors.

Both sides showed a lot of endeavour in a scrappy first half, in which Barton came closest to breaking the deadlock from a 35th minute from the centre of the park, the ball played deep into the box and Danny Watson beat Liam Beach to the ball, but he lifted the ball up and over the box from inside the six yard box. Fleet pressed back but Patrik Ruzicka and Luke Haskell only got half chances which the Barton back line comfortably dealt with.

The second half started with Barton on the front foot, a couple of good openings but the chances were swept clear by the hosts. But from the time a mazy run from Bradley Wilson down the right, in the 55th minute Fleet started to dominate possession and carve out some wonderful openings, but were not getting the run of the ball which seemed to home in on Barton boots time and again. Bradley was tightly marked and forced all the way to the by-line to cross the ball, which just eluded his target man before being cleared. Five minutes later a good run down the left, was played into the box and flicked onto Patrik Ruzicka near the D, but his effort slid wide of the post. Two minutes later it was Bradley Wilson in the open to fire the ball towards the goal, this time it was keeper Charlie Jones to the rescue for the visitors, as he got a hand to it to push te ball away for a corner to Fleet. Three minutes later and Fleet hit the ball forward over all the Barton defence, which had pushed out, leaving a large space between them and the keeper, Charlie Jones had come out to the edge of the box, but hesitated there it looked as if he was waiting for the ball to reach him, so he could pick it up, but Patrick Ruzicka was closing in from the side, as the ball reached Jones, so did Patrik and he won the ball, took a sidestep and lifted the ball into the net to put Fleet in front. The one time Barton got through there was Liam Beach waiting to make another fine save. Fleet did not sit back and settle for just one, they kept coming forward drawing more fouls from the visitors to stop them, until one poor challange on Bradley Wilson set up a mass scuffle, a card each from the officials settled things down for the final minutes as the free kick and later crosses all ran to the defence to clear, right near the end a good run down the right from Dquambe Copeland, his cross found a Fleet head, but the ball rose over the bar. A good team performance on the day from Liam in goal all the way through the spine to Patrik and Luke up front. A difficult choice to decide on a Man of the Match, but today it was awarded to Chris Wales.

Fleet Town : 1 Liam Beach, 2 Dquambe Copeland, 3 Chris Dean, 4 Liam Flanighan, 5 Chris Musgrove, 6 Chris Wales, 7 Ryan Marklew, 8 Matt Bunyan, 9 Luke Haskell, 10 Patrik Ruzicka, 11 Bradley Wilson.

Subs 12 Alex Hendrie (on for Ruzicka 80 mins), 14 Danilo Cadete (on for Haskell 89 mins)

not used 15 Billy Oram, 16 James Haworth, 17 Jack Selby.