Fleet Town 2 Cowes Sports 2

On a cold and blustery Fleet welcomed Cowes Sports to Calthorpe Park for the first time in many years. After a difficult trip through choppy waters Cowes arrived at 2.30 and the kick off was delayed by 10 minutes.

The game was quite even for the first half with both sides cancelling each other out and really failing to find the final ball to challenge the goalkeepers. Fleet had a few scrambles but failed to really get into the passing game that they are known for. One highlight for Fleet was the return of captain Sam Williams in midfield. As the game meandered towards half-time a shot from the edge of the box from Cowes bought them the lead. Half-time 0-1.

Half-time was spent by many warming up in the clubhouse and as a result many fans missed Kieran Nagle-Kelly scoring his first goal for the club. It was so I have heard a cracking shot from the edge of the box, a goal fit to be his first. After this bit of class the game returned to much of the same pattern as the first half. Cowes had some good attacks while Fleet just couldn’t get enough bodies in the box to take the lead. A quick break from Cowes led to them taking the lead. Although the break was cleared the resulting corner led to a scramble in the box that was put away in calm style. Fleet made changes and pushed for an equaliser but it all seemed in vain. A late corner for Fleet resulted in a huge scramble, then melee and then fight. The final result of this was a red card for Cowes goalkeeper and Fleet captain Stuart Derry.  As many in the ground expected the referee to blow the final whistle he continued to play extra time for a long injury delay earlier in the half. A final free-kick to Fleet was headed up in the air twice and was then volleyed into the top of the net by late substitute Cavan Atkinson. Full-time 2-2

Fleet: 1. Aiden Upward, 2. James Smith, 3. Tom Wensley, 4. Sam Williams, 5. Stuart Derry, 6. Brad Passfield, 7. Kieran Nagle-Kelly, 8. Jack Howard, 9. Paul Coventry, 10. Aaron Redford, 11. Billy Oram

Subs: 12. Jack Selby (7), 14. Cavan Atkinson (8), 15. Charlie Graves, 16. Taylor Watts, 17. Josh Blaize-Carr (11)

Goals: Kieran Nagle-Kelly (47), Cavan Atkinson (95)

Man of Match: James Smith

Attendance: 131

Fleet’s next game of the season is Saturday 7th December when we play host to Baffins Milton Rovers at Calthorpe Park in the Sydenhams Wessex League. Kick Off is 3.00pm