Fleet Town 2 Sheerwater 1

Fleet returned to league action with only their 4th league game of the season. With injuries mounting in the squad there were a number of players playing in unfamiliar places, but they all played well.

Sheerwater had the best of the early play but the Fleet defence led by Brad Passfield kept them at bay and allowed Fleet to grow into the match. Chances were made at both ends but the finishing did not allow either side to take the lead. Fleet did however take the lead with a fine goal. Danilo Pereira, on his return to the Fleet side, picked the ball up on the wing and beat three Sheerwater defenders before cutting the ball back from the dead ball line. The ball was cut back perfectly for Mal Thomas who side footed the ball into the net. Both sides cancelled each other out for the rest of the half with no real chances made. Half-time 1-0

Fleet started the second half with a well made second goal. Fleet played the ball down the left wing and as Sheerwater complained the officials thinking the ball had gone out, Fleet continued to play. Sam Williams burst towards the Sheerwater box and passed the ball to full back Luke Larner who hit a great shot into the top corner from the edge of the box. As Fleet fans relaxed thinking the game was in hand, Lee Allen decided to run out of the box after a through ball, he didn’t make it…Sheerwater were able to cross the ball for it to be passed into the box for a goal. This goal started to change the game with Sheerwater pushing for an equaliser, but as soon as they were challenging Fleet it changed again. Sheerwater were awarded a free-kick and Fleet substitute Fareed Hakeem-Habeeb was shielding the ball to stop them taking it when a Sheerwater player picked him up and threw him to the ground (apparently it was the Sheerwater players only option…). The officials decided this was worth a red card and then the Sheerwater manager was sent off for the things he said. With 10 men Sheerwater put Fleet under a lot of pressure but the boys in blue held on to take all 3 points. Full-time 2-1

Fleet: 1. Lee Allen, 2. Ellis McLean, 3. Luke Larner, 4. Sam Williams, 5. Khalid Babikir, 6. Brad Passfield, 7. Rowan Sharratt, 8. Billy Oram, 9. James Beauchamp, 10. Mal Thomas, 11. Danilo Pereira

Subs: 12. Yassa Arafat (9), 14. Dan Dansie (10), 15. Durrell Brown (7), 16. Fareed Hakeem-Habeeb (8), 17. Dan Bone (11)

Goals: Billy Oram (33 mins), Brad Passfield (85 mins)

Man of Match:  Ellis McLean

Attendance: 141