Kempston Rovers 1 Fleet Town 1

Fleet Town made the best possible start to the game as the early Kempston probe down their right, ended with a free kick given to Fleet down in the corner, Liam Beach took the kick, up to Danilo Cadete in midfield, taking the ball forward, his quick thinking saw Bradley Wilson ahead and played the ball ino his path, running through Bradley collected the ball and took it towards the area to see keeper Martin Conway on the six yard box, he lobbed the ball over him and almost in slow motion, the ball came down behind Conway to roll into the net, to put Fleet ahead inside 2 minutes. After this early setback for them, the home side through everything at Fleet, pressing them back and creating many chances, which Fleet survived thanks to another fantastic performance between the sticks by Liam Beach and in front of him Owen Roberts. As one Kempston attack on six minutes, looked as if it would be snuffed out, a defensive miskick set up a chance for Alex Collard, as he shot Liam threw himself in the way and blocked the effort at the expense of a corner.  Another corner on 18 minutes was played to the far post and presented Jake Newman with a clear opening for Kempston, his effort beat the defenders in front of him but thundered into the woodwork and rebounded up and over. A few minutes later Kempston played a long ball through, with Jake Newman closing in for the home side, Liam Beach came out to claim, as Liam reached the ball, Newman ended up on the ground, all the Penalty shouts from Players and the home crowd were waved away. As play continued Newman continued to reminstrate with the referee on his (non) decision and for this became the first of Kempston’s six yellow cards of the afternoon. Another Kempston corner and another escape for Fleet, played to the far post from only two yards out the ball is hit goalward but only finds a defender on the line to clear. The final five minutes of the half, Fleet finally created some more chances of their own, with Danilo Cadete’s passes, crosses forcing Kempston to dig deep to clear, so Fleet had to be content with the narrowest of margins at half time.

The second half started with Fleet carving out one of the best chances of the game, a deep throw from Bradley Wilson to Billy Oram who got a clean shot away that needed Martin Conway to dive and stretch to get enough on it to turn the ball round the post for a corner. As the home side continued to look for a way back into tthe game, Fleet found ways to keep them at bay until the 58th minute, when a through ball split the defence back line and Kempston got two players in behind, Jake Newman took the ball into the box, as Liam tried to close him down, Newman was able to round him and slot the ball home, to equalise. This was the signal for both sides to start to shuffle the pack and bring on some fresh legs.The first of these to make an impact was one of Fleet’s seven new signings made this week, Michael Phillip-Ogbuogu as he had the ball on the left, under close pressure from two players around him, MPO was still able to play a super cross which went all the way through the box without any of the Fleet players in there to get any touch to divert the cross goalward. The next cross came from Callum Abraham-Barlow was played all the way to beyond the far post where Graeme Purdy was waiting, but his header passed wide of the post. The final minutes passed quickly, with Kempston doing well to keep out Michael Phillip-Ogbuogu, who looked very confident on the ball and his close control set up some dangerous situations. The one controversal moment happened deep into added time, when the ball was mis-played across the middle of the field, one player from each side raced to collect it, MPO for Fleet arriving second seemed to catch the Kempston player, with the home players and supporters baying for a card, the referee ran from his position towards the incident but before he got there blew the final whistle and took no action, leaving him to be surrounded by players and a few minutes later when he left the field abuse from unhappy supporters. While all this was going on the Fleet players had taken themselves away to the bottom end of the ground to warm down, when they finally came off ten minutes later they were warmly applauded off by the same supporters that were upset with the officials and given many words of praise, especially for Liam Beach who they very much wanted their club to sign from us.


Fleet Town : 1 Liam Beach,  2 Billy Stratford, 3 James Haworth, 4 Owen Roberts, 5 Chris Musgrove, 6 Chris Wales, 7 Bradley Wilson, 8 Ashley Lloyd, 9 Graeme Purdy, 10 Billy Oram, 11 Danilo Cadete.

subs : 12 Hamid Kanu (on for Wales 83 mins), 14 Callum Abraham-Barlow (on for Oram 65 mins), 15 Michael Phillip-Ogbuogu (on for Cadete 61 mins)

not used 16 Jordan Aghatise