There’s Only One Team in Bedford (Town) ….

.. and today there was, as Fleet Town were preparing to take to the field they were greeted by the sight of the Bedford Town players coming out of their dressing room in their civis, kit bags in hand and troop out of the door and the club, with no opposition to play, the match officials announced a postponed fixture. It transpired that about 2.30 the players told their club officials they were going on strike, despite some discussions the players walked out. It will reman to be seen if any of the players want to return to Bedford Town, the right thing would be that no other club will take the ringleaders of this mutiny on and they never play football again, anywhere. It will be up to the Southern League what will happen next to this fixture and Bedford Town, but probably Bedford Town will have to hurridly sign up their under 17 youth team so that they can fulfill their next fixture at AFC Dunstable on Tuesday (as happened to Merthyr Town last week when they lost some of their players due to problems at the club). There will likely be a lot of speculation, rumour as well as real news on some social media as to taday’s events, which will not be repeated here.

At the time the game was called off, the Bedford Town tannoy announcement just said unforeseen circumstances, the Fleet players took to the field for a lengthy training session, only after this did any Bedford fans still in the bar hear the reason the game was not played, they were totally flabergasted.

For those interested, the Fleet Town line up would have been :

1 Liam Beach, 2 Dquame Copeland, 3 Chris Dean, 4 Liam Flanighan, 5 Chris Musgrove, 6 Chris Wales, 7 Ashley Lloyd, 8 Matt Bunyan, 9 Bradley Wilson, 10 Patrik Ruzicka, 11 James Howarth.

subs 12 Billy Oram, 14 Danilo Cadete, 15 Luke Haskell, 16 Alex Hendrie